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How to Disable Samsung Screen Overlay Due to Screen Overlay Detected Error

Gadgetren – Screen overlays or screen overlays are an important part of Android development. Every mobile phone with an operating system made by Google is why it slides with this function.

For those of you who don’t know, screen overlay is a special function of the Android operating system that allows an application to run on top of another or commonly referred to as a screen overlay.

This feature is used, for example, to make the chat bubble of the messaging application appear even though we are opening a game or browser.

On some device models, the screen overlay function can unfortunately trigger a problem. Users who use cellphones made by Samsung are some of the victims.

Instead of helping one app to work on top of another, this function can actually block it from opening or even running. Usually it will also be marked with a “Screen Overlay Detected” warning.

That’s why we sometimes need to turn off the screen overlay function so that the application can be run again on Samsung phones. Here are the steps to do this for those of you who don’t know how.

How to Disable Screen Overlay on Samsung Phones

  1. Go to page Settings
  2. Open section Apps
  3. Tap the button More options (three dots icon) in the top right corner
  4. Select Special access
  5. Tap the menu Appear on top
  6. Turn off permissions for error-producing apps
  7. Close Settings page
  8. Try running the app

If you don’t know which app is causing the error then you can turn off the settings for all. But keep in mind that functions that require them such as chat bubbles or floating windows cannot be used.

For consideration, the cause of screen overlay errors on Samsung phones is usually applications that can display chat bubbles or change the screen color. We can also check one by one if you want to experiment to solve this problem.

The problem of overlaying the screen itself can’t only happen on cellphones made by Samsung. We can also find it in other types which are quite common on Lenovo and LG devices.

To solve this problem, we can try some of the steps above. It’s just that it may need a little adjustment because cellphones with other brands usually have different system interfaces.

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