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How to Disable Applications on a Samsung Cellphone So That They Disappear

Gadgetren On the device Samsung there are various default applications that are installed by default with the aim of helping the daily activities of its users.

Usually the default applications are Calculator, Calendar, Contacts, Phone, SMS, Compass, and many more. Of course, you can still add other applications, even similar ones Google Play Store.

The more applications installed, the greater the storage capacity used. It could even make Samsung phones not run smoothly because the RAM and storage capacities are almost full.

To really ensure that these unused apps are running in the background, you can disable them via the settings page.

How to Disable Apps on Samsung

  • Open the app Settings on Samsung devices
  • Select the menu Apps
  • Find the application that you want to disable
  • Press the application to enter to view detailed information
  • Press the button Force Stop to be forcibly stopped
  • Or press a button Disable to be disabled

The Force Stop button will force the app to stop so it won’t run in the background. That way power consumption becomes more efficient and RAM capacity doesn’t fill up quickly either.

Meanwhile, for some default or pre-loaded applications that have been installed from the start on Samsung devices, you can choose to disable them via the Disable feature if you really feel that they have never been used.

By using Disable, the application will be disabled forever until you press the Turn on button again to turn it on. The application will not appear on the Home Screen page or the App Drawer.

However, if the application is obtained by downloading from the Google Play Store, then you will only find the Uninstall and Force Stop buttons on the App Info page.

Samsung itself does not provide an Uninstall button on default applications because these applications cannot be removed carelessly because they are usually tied to the system.

But by using Disable, the application will not take up too much capacity and will not appear again as long as it is not reactivated so it should be considered as if it has been deleted because it will not interfere.

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