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How to delete Twitter followers to keep followers, can you do it all at once?

Gadgetren – The Twitter application is indeed different from other social media services. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, which focus mainly on sharing activities through photos, videos, sharing links, to telling stories, Twitter is more often used to share thoughts.

Twitter users who have private accounts, of course, only allow followers to see every tweet. But for public users that can be seen by everyone so it will attract more attention.

This is what often makes users feel uncomfortable when there are a number of followers that they find disturbing. Therefore deleting followers in bulk is a more efficient method to clean up accounts.

However, according to the monitoring of the Gadgetren team, deleting Twitter followers in large numbers at once cannot be done by default either on the Twitter application or web. We have to do the deletion manually or one by one by selecting the intended followers.

How to Remove Twitter Followers

  • Sign in to the Twitter app or website.
  • Log in to your personal account.
  • Tap the profile photo button to start removing followers.  how-to-remove-twitter-followers-1
  • Tap the button followers or Followers listed under the Bio description. how-to-delete-twitter-followers-2
  • Select followers that you want to delete.
  • Tap the sign icon three dots to the right of Followers.
  • Select Remove this follower.  how-to-remove-followers-twitter-
  • Check the Followers account in the Followers list, it will be deleted.

Apart from deleting Twitter followers, you can also directly block accounts which will also remove them from the follower list. The steps to do this are not much different, all you have to do is enter the profile page and tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.

Then select the Block button (account name) so that the account is no longer visible. Now, with several methods for deleting Followers provided by Twitter, it’s a shame there isn’t an easy method for deleting multiple accounts at once.

Currently there is a script that can be used in a browser on a computer, but this method is quite inconvenient and will completely delete Followers without exception.

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