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How to Delete Shopee Chat So It Doesn’t Slow When Opened

Gadgetren – Shopping applications or known as e-commerce such as Shopee are places where sellers and buyers meet online without having to meet face to face.

By using the message feature available in the application, we can send messages to the seller and vice versa so that we can directly communicate about a product or order.

Without having to buy first, the chat feature can also be used by buyers to ask questions about products, variants, and price discounts. Of course if this is done often it will make the Shopee inbox or message box full so that it can make it slow to open.

Therefore, so that messages don’t pile up to the point of causing new messages to sink, we need to delete existing old messages. Besides that, it can also keep performance running smoothly.

The Shopee application itself provides a feature for manually deleting messages. However, it is still manual or done one by one to delete messages from user accounts for both sellers and buyers.

Unfortunately, for now, Shopee doesn’t provide a feature to delete messages simultaneously, so it does require special free time if you have a lot to choose from.

How to Delete Shopee Messages

From Apps

  • Open the Shopee application on your cellphone.
  • Tap the icon button Message in the top right corner of the screen. Shopee-hapus-chat-4
  • Select any messages you want to delete. Shopee-hapus-chat-5
  • Long press the message.
  • Later menu options will appear Unread, Turn Off, or Delete.
  • Then select the menu happy Shopee-hapus-chat-6
  • Do one by one and so on.

Through the Website

  • Visit Shopee using a browser like Chrome.
  • Log In to your account with email or Facebook.
  • On the Home page, select the icon button Chat in the lower right corner. Shopee-hapus-chat-2
  • Select message that you want to delete.
  • Move the cursor over the sign icon three point and press  Shopee-hapus-chat-3
  • Select happy.  Shopee-hapus-chat-1-
  • Do the same thing so on if there are still messages you want to delete.

It should be noted that deleted messages cannot be recovered again, so make sure if there are Shopee messages that you think are important, you should first archive them by capturing a screen or screenshot.

Usually, for sellers or buyers, if there is a transaction of great value, there is often talk of a purchase agreement, be it delivery, proof of payment, and so on. So if there is important data that is needed, it can be proven through conversations from chats or chats.

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