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How to Delete Samsung HP Junk Files to Be Relieved

Gadgetren – After using it for a long time, there are times when a lag or error occurs on the device Samsung caused by the large number of junk files that have accumulated.

Apart from interfering with system performance, junk files can also cause some services and applications to become problematic, such as stopping suddenly.

This of course will be inconvenient when using the device for daily activities both work and entertainment because it is not optimal.

As a solution, you need to know how to safely delete junk files on a Samsung cellphone, fortunately it has been provided by default through the features in the settings.

How to Delete Samsung Junk Files

Gunakan Optimize Now

  • App access Settings on Samsung devices.
  • Select the menu Battery and device care.
  • Press the button Optimize Now.
  • Furthermore, the system will look for files that are not needed.
  • Select optimize to clean it.

You could say the system can intelligently recognize which junk files are no longer used. But if you want to delete other files that take up a large capacity, you can select them manually.

Delete Files Manually

  1. Open the app Settings.
  2. Select the menu Battery and device care.
  3. Press section storage.
  4. You will be shown various files and their capacities.
  5. Next, you just have to choose the type of file you want to delete.

Although the deletion feature in Device care can intelligently identify junk files, they are usually cache from the application will be missed for various reasons. So you need to clean it via the Apps page in the Settings app.

Clean Apps with Clear Cache

  • App access Settings.
  • Select the menu Apps.
  • Select application which will be deleted cache.
  • On the page App Info, select menu Storage.
  • Press the button Clear Cache in the below section.

The size of the cache files available for each application will be different. However, on average, chat applications, social media, and games are applications that have a cache file that is quite large, so you need to pay attention to it, especially if you use it frequently.

Even though it has been deleted, the cache will re-form when you open and do activities because the cache does have a function to speed up application access due to data that has been stored.

So you also have to delete the cache on your Samsung cellphone regularly so it doesn’t pile up too much. Of course, removing a lot of junk files will also make the internal storage more spacious, thereby increasing system performance.

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