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How to Delete Other Files on Xiaomi Phones To Free Up Storage

Gadgetren – Sometimes you feel annoyed when you see the internal storage on your Xiaomi cellphone is almost full, causing various problems.

Usually when the internal capacity is almost full, sometimes the system can hang, freeze, or the application that is opened will Force Close by itself.

Of course this will irritate you. In addition to files in the main categories that accumulate such as Photos, Videos, Documents, and Audio, usually there are also other files that do not fall into one of these categories that also fill the cellphone storage.

Moreover, it is not uncommon for junk, OBB, temporary, and other files to have a large size and do not appear by default in the File Manager or Cleaner features on Xiaomi phones.

Other files are a bit hidden because they are usually files used by the system to make applications run optimally. But if you really want to delete other files to free up storage, then you can try the following methods.

How to Delete Other Files on Xiaomi

Use Deep Clean in MIUI Security

  • Access the MIUI Security application that is present on Xiaomi phones
  • Choose an option Deep Clean
  • Wait for the search process to take place
  • After the file search is complete, you will see various files that may be safely deleted
  • In category Big files, Press the button Clean now
  • Select the file you want to delete
  • Press the button Delete selected files
    Xiaomi - Deepclean

You could say the Deep Clean feature that is present in MIUI Security allows the system to search for files that are suspected of being junk and can be deleted by the user.

Later you will be given the authority to delete any files that you feel are not needed. When you have finished selecting, you only need to press the Delete Selected Files button.

Sometimes when you have reinstalled the same application, it will leave duplicate files. Even when you send data through social networks, there are usually many of the same files but with different locations.

The more files that are duplicated, of course, over time the phone’s storage capacity becomes full. Luckily you can delete duplicate files quickly with the help of FX File Explorer which can be downloaded via Google Play Store.

Delete Duplicate Files

  • Open the app FX File Explorer
  • On the main page, select menu Cleaning Tools trash can icon
  • Select the menu Remove Duplicates with an x ​​icon in the box
  • Choose which files to deleted
  • Press the button Clean trash can icon
    Xiaomi -FX File Explorer

But it should be noted that you should really select the duplicated files to delete. While the original file, just leave it alone and don’t delete it so that it doesn’t just disappear just in case.

Uninstall Rarely Used Apps

  • Unlock screen and go to page Home Screen
  • Press hold app that you rarely use
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, select Uninstall
  • The application will also be deleted

Game and social media applications usually have a sizeable additional size. If it is rarely used, it should be deleted so that it does not meet the internal storage capacity.

However, if the application is part of the system or preloaded, unfortunately the system will most likely not present the Uninstall button but only provide the Force Stop and Disable buttons.

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