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How to Delete All OPPO HP Contacts to Clean

Gadgetren – There are times when you want to delete all the contacts stored on the device OPPO until it becomes clean and empty again.

Whether it’s because you got a device from a relative or maybe there are too many contacts that are no longer active.

That way deleting all contacts can be a solution because you can re-register only important contacts which of course are fewer.

On ColorOS fortunately there is a feature that allows you to do this, but keep in mind that how to delete contacts on OPPO devices on certain versions.

How to Delete All OPPO Contacts

On ColorOS 6 and Above

Later all these contacts will disappear from storage, SIM card, and Google account. So you better think again before deleting it completely because contacts cannot be recovered.

On ColorOS 5 and Below

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO mobile
  • Select the menu Contacts
  • Select the menu Delete contacts in batches
  • Tap the box at the top right to select all contacts
  • Next press menu Delete

Instead of immediately deleting everything, it’s a good idea to keep some important contacts like friends and family who are often contacted.

It should be noted that all saved contacts can also be deleted after the Factory Reset process. However, it is usually stored on the SIM or Google account so that it will be restored.

Contacts on the SIM card with a maximum of 250 numbers will be immediately visible without the need for synchronization. Meanwhile, up to thousands of contacts can be stored on a Google account, but an internet connection is needed to restore them.

On today’s OPPO cellphones, you can enter more contact information starting from name, phone number, email, address, website, notes, and more so sometimes starting from scratch might be an option.

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