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How to Delete All Facebook Status with Just One Button Click

Gadgetren – In applications and sites Facebookyou can make any status in the form of text, images, links, even a combination of all of them accordingly.

If you are bored or there is an error in writing, then you can delete the status whenever you want. Meanwhile, those of you who have used it for years must have had many statuses created.

Of course deleting status one by one will be tiring. That way, you should delete all statuses quickly by using Facebook’s built-in feature.

You can take advantage of the Activity Log feature through the Facebook application or directly from the site to delete all these statuses.

How To Delete All Facebook Status

Via Application

  • Open Facebook application on cellphoneFacebook - Delete All Status - App - 1
  • Select Manage your posts
  • Check All and press the button Trash at the top
  • On the pop-up menu Leave Now, Press the button Continue
    Facebook - Delete All Status - App - 2
  • Next, all statuses will be removed from Facebook’s main Timeline and into the page Trash
  • Login battery Facebook
  • Select the menu Account profile photo icon at the top right
  • Right next to Menu written, select an option Settings gear icon
  • In section Profile, select Profile settings
  • Then scroll and select Activity log in section Your Facebook information

Through the Web

Even though it has been deleted from the Facebook timeline, all of these statuses will first go to the Trash section on the Activity Log page. Later you can delete the status forever by pressing the Delete button or restore the deleted status to the timeline by pressing the Restore button.

With the presence of the Trash feature, Facebook wants to give you a second chance if it turns out that you want to restore the deleted status. However, it should be noted that all statuses that have been deleted from the Timeline will only be stored for 30 days in the Trash before being permanently deleted.

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