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How to Delete a Phone Number on Instagram If It’s No Longer Used

Gadgetren – Some personal information in the Instagram application is usually asked for when creating an account including name, date of birth, email, gender, and mobile number.

All such data will be stored in the user’s personal information and will not be published by Instagram to other users or followers so that you can feel safe and not worry about your personal information being shared.

However, sometimes the information that has been provided such as a cellphone number can change at any time. Therefore, there may be some users who want to delete the cellphone number on Instagram on their account information with the aim of replacing it with a new number.

Usually, if the Instagram number is registered, it will also make it easier for other users who have that number in contact to get recommendations to follow. That way there is no need to ask again what the name of the Instagram account is used and just follow it directly.

Conversely, if the mobile number is not registered, then the number will not be directly connected to Instagram. To delete a cellphone number on an Instagram profile, it can be done directly on the profile page of each user.

How to Delete a Phone Number on Instagram

To be able to delete it, you will also need to enter an email address. If not, then you can only replace the number with the new one because the information is needed for login purposes. That way you can surf again on Instagram normally without any problems.

In addition, later the new number registered on Instagram can also be used as an active number to be given to other people so that friends can track you and then follow each other and communicate in it. Of course, the new number will also be used by Instagram for recommendations.

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