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How to delete a link in Instagram bio if it’s not in use

Gadgetren – Instagram as a social media has proven to be a powerful place for many people in the world to tell or express themselves in cyberspace.

You can also promote your hobbies to products that are sold through the features presented by Instagram.

On the profile page itself, there is a place where we can display a link or links that will lead to the YouTube page if a content creator, product site, photo collection site, sales page on e-commerce, and much more.

We can write and modify the link freely. Usually to embed many links there are also those who use the Linktree service. Later all related links can be accommodated without the need to eat long lines in the Instagram bio column.

In addition to selling links, YouTube, and websites, you can also embed links to other social media addresses such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and even other platforms. But you need to make sure that all the links you display are active.

If it is not active, you should delete it because people who want to see and visit the link will definitely be disappointed because the embedded link does not have satisfactory information.

If you have an inactive or abandoned link, it’s a good idea to delete it like the steps below.

How to Remove Link in Instagram Bio

The link on the Instagram profile page will appear on your profile under your name and bio. But if you don’t fill in your name and bio, only the link description will appear. And vice versa if there is no link then only Bio can be displayed on the Instagram profile page.

In addition to deleting you can add other links in the Links menu, such as adding a Facebook link by tapping the Add Facebook Link menu button. Don’t forget that if the link you embed is professional, then your account must be opened so that people who visit the Instagram profile page or who want to follow can see your activity through the uploaded photos.

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