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How to Cut a Song in CapCut to Fit the Length of the Video

Gadgetren – The CapCut video editing application supports a variety of tools that you can use to make videos as creative as possible to share on the short video platform TikTok and social media Instagram.

CapCut also provides filters, effects, and can embed audio to complement the video you make to make it more interesting. Adding audio from a song or voice will make the video more like telling a story.

You can even add text and effects to complement the video content. CapCut itself has provided a variety of songs that can be downloaded. The songs that can be used are audio that has received permission from the owner so that it does not violate copyright.

That way you don’t have to worry so that your videos can be seen by other users and you can post them on your TikTok and Instagram profile pages. The available songs also have various durations.

So, to match the duration of the video you made, you should use a song with the right duration for the video. If the duration of the song is too long, then you have to cut it. Meanwhile, if the selected song duration is short, then you have to add more.

To cut audio on video in CapCut, a tool has also been provided that can be used through the Split feature. The method is also very easy, because it is not much different from cutting a video.

How to Cut a Song in CapCut

These are the steps on how to cut a song on a video in CapCut. You can cut at the beginning, middle, or end as needed so that the video you make matches what is displayed and the audio that is output.

In addition to the songs already available in the CapCut application, you can also record live sound to add audio to the videos you make. For example, you can add narration to explain the content of the video.

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