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How to Create Your Own QR Code in Canva To Share a Link

Gadgetren – With the presence of the Canva service, we can make a variety of designs for any purpose, from publishing on social media to even being printed.

Canva services can be used directly either through applications that can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store or available via the web.

To be able to use Canva’s features, of course, we have to log in with an account using either email or social media before we can freely use its features.

One of Canva’s interesting and often used features is creating QR Code. All users can get the QR Code creation feature for free without having to subscribe to Canva Pro or premium.

Thanks to the QR Code feature, Canva users can create various designs in various formats for their publication needs. The QR Code will make it easier for us to distribute links without having to write them down in full or distribute them one by one to participants.

The QR Code that is displayed can provide links such as linking links to the list of webinar attendees, presentation materials, press release materials, specific sites, products, to ordering in a cafe.

Making a QR Code in Canva can be used easily even though you are still a new user. This feature can be found in the menu bar to create a new design on the Apps menu. There the QR Code menu has been provided and can be filled in with the desired URL immediately.

After that the QR Code that has been included will automatically stick to the design that was made and we can adjust the size accordingly.

How to Make Your Own QR Code in Canva

Making a QR Code can also be done without a template or starting with the size of the desired format. After that you can create a QR Code with the same steps. You can also copy the QR Code that was made in Canva independently to be transferred to other media.

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