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How to Create Silhouette and Omoji Portraits on OPPO Reno8 5G Via Always On Display

Gadgetren – Always On Display (AOD) is one of the features that are already present on OPPO phones with AMOLED screens such as the Reno8 5G.

This feature is usually used to display important information such as the hour, day, date, battery percentage, and notification icon when the screen is at rest or locked.

The Always on Display display is usually dominated by a black background in order to save more screen energy consumption because black will turn off the pixels on the AMOLED technology panel.

To make users not bored when viewing information when the screen is resting, OPPO itself has embedded several interesting displays on the Always On Display features such as Custom Patterns, Text, Text and image, Portrait Silhouette, and Omoji.

You could say Portrait Silhouette and Omoji are the special ones for OPPO phones with AMOLED screens like the Reno8 5G. With Portrait Silhouette, you can create a line silhouette from a photo.


For example, you can use the Portrait Silhouette feature to create a line silhouette taken from a photo while you’re styling. Even more sophisticated, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm from OPPO is able to recognize the main subject or object very well.

After the main subject of the photo is scanned, the AI ​​will immediately create silhouette lines which can later be directly applied and displayed on the Always On Display display on the OPPO Reno8 5G.

How to Show Portrait Silhouette on Always on Display

  • App access Settings on Reno8 5G
  • Next, select menu Personalizations
  • Choose an option Always-On Display
  • Choose an option Portrait Silhouette in the Personalized
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, we can choose an option Choose from Album when wanting to take storage or options Camera if take directly with camera
  • After that press the button Generate
  • Later the line silhouette will be created automatically
  • Specify color in menu Colorsilhouette style in menu Styleor delete specific sections in the menu Eraser
  • When it’s to your liking, press the button Next at the top right
  • On page Resize & moveyou can positioning the silhouette on the area which are desired
  • Press the button Done berikon Checklist at the top right when you’re done
  • Now Always on Display will bring up Portrait SilhouetteReno85G-AOD-PortraitSilhouette-3

Later every time the OPPO Reno8 5G screen is rested, the Always On Display will be active and display various information on time, battery percentage, notifications, and the silhouette of the line that was created earlier.

Besides Portrait Silhouette, Omoji is also one of the interesting displays because it can display 3D Avatars on the Always On Display which can be personalized to make it look attractive.

In Omoji you can set 3D Avatars ranging from skin color, head shape, hair color and shape, color and shape, accessories, hats, glasses, and others that can be determined according to your own wishes.

How to Present Omoji 3D Avatar on Always on Display

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO Reno8 5G
  • Press menu Personalization
  • Select Always-On Display
  • Select Omoji in the Personalized
  • On page Expression, swipe the screen from left to right to display the menu Create an Omoji to create a new 3D Avatar
  • Then adjust the skin color, face shape, eyebrows, eyes, glasses, hats, and more according to your taste
  • After the Omoji 3D Avatar is created, press the button Done berikon checklist at the top right
  • On page Expressionspecify the desired Avatar3D expression movement
  • Press the button Next to continue
  • Then you will be faced with a page Preview AOD
  • If the Always On Display is deemed suitable, then press the button Apply
  • 3D Omoji avatars that can move will also be presented on the Always On Display

Of course, every time the screen breaks and enters Always On Display mode, the 3D Omoji Avatar that appears will automatically display movements according to the selected expression on the Expression page.

You could say that Portrait Silhouette and Omoji can make the Always On Display feature on the Reno8 5G more attractive than competing cellphones which only display text and images on average.

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