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How to Create Moments on Twitter to Present Interesting Stories and Information

The Gadget – On social media Twitterwe can not only make a tweet with 280 words but much more through the Moments feature.

The Moments feature on Twitter allows us to create longer stories than usual in the Tweet column which can be a collection of stories presented.

With the Moments feature, we can write long texts to convey various topics in the form of stories, narratives, summaries, news, and many more. So you can be more interesting in presenting a collection of stories through the Moments feature.

Unlike Threads, which can only be created from the Tweet column and then connected again, the Moment feature can only be created through a special feature that Twitter has deliberately provided via a row of navigation panels on the left of the screen.

For information, initially the Twitter moments feature was only available for the media but now it can be made by anyone with certain conditions such as maybe having a lot of followers. This is because for accounts with very few followers, the moment feature will not appear.

Even so, the Moment feature can only be made via the desktop using a browser. However, the Moment view can still be seen on Android and iOS mobile phones. To create a Moment, we also have to prepare a cover photo and title.

Later the Moments we create can be pinned on each other’s Twitter profiles so that people who visit can see them.

How to Create Moments on Twitter

  • Sign in to your Twitter account using a browser.
  • Go to the navigation bar on the left of the screen and tap it Moments button with lightning icon.
  • To create a new moment tap lightning + sign.
  • Salin link foto cover which we have Tweeted on our profile page.
  • Temple URL Tweet cover and tap Next.
  • Atur cover to pass and tap Next and tap Done.
  • Write Moment title and write Moment description. Then tap Save.
  • Next create a moment with enter the Tweet link on the profile page that has been created.
  • Temple URL Tweet in the column and tap Add.
  • Then tap Publish and choose the visibility of your moment to be public, private, or unlisted.

You can also, you know, make Tweet URLs at more than one Moment and even create Moments within Moments. For your own visibility, you can also choose to be visible to everyone or only to be seen by yourself.

However, Moments with unlisted visibility are only reserved for people who have the URL to view them. Twitter says to use unregistered with caution because the URL can still be guessed even though the probability is small. In addition, if Moments contain sensitive content, check the box provided.

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