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How to Create HDD and SSD Partitions on Windows Computers to Organize Storage

Gadgetren – To create a hard disk drive (HDD) partition on a Windows-based computer, we don’t need to use any additional applications because the operating system made by Microsoft has features that support it.

Named Disk Management, this feature can be found in various versions of the operating system. Among them we can find it on Windows 11 and Windows 10 which are now the most widely used.

Disk Management itself is a tool that allows us to manage the storage media used by Windows computers. We can in this case can use it for HDD or SSD (Solid State Drive).

By using the Windows default tools, we can do several things, one of which can use Disk Management to create new partitions or storage volumes on the computer.

To use it, we do not need to bother. We can find these tools through Computer Management. Here’s how to use it for those of you who need a new storage partition.

How to Create HDD or SSD Partition in Windows

If there is no unallocated portion of storage, then we can create it first by cutting the existing partition.

How to Cut (Shrink) Partition

  • Open Disk Management like the previous steps
  • Right click on the partition you want to cut
  • Select the menu Shrink Volume
    How to Create a Hard Drive Partition in Windows - 7
  • In the window that appears, change Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB according to the size of the partition you want to cut
    How to Create a Hard Drive Partition in Windows - 8
  • Click button Shrink

By pressing the Shrink button, a portion of the unallocated storage will be created. Then we can create it as a new partition using the previous steps.

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