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How to Create and Share WA WhatsApp Community Links so that there are more members

The Gadget – WhatsApp has complemented its services with a new support called Community. The good news is that users in Indonesia can try this feature.

For those of you who don’t know, Community is a support that allows us to more easily manage many related group conversations. We can add or create up to 50 groups in a community.

This new feature of WhatsApp can be very useful if we have many groups in a community that we follow. For example, schools or colleges that usually have several classes for students and students.

No less interesting, this feature also supports an announcement group which will be formed automatically when we finish creating each WhatsApp community. We can also more easily when we want to spread important information according to its name.

Those of us who have created the WhatsApp community can also more easily invite members because this feature is equipped with an invite link menu. Those of you who don’t know how to use it can listen to the following explanation.

How to Create and Share a Community WhatsApp Link

  • Open the WhatsApp Community that has been created
  • Tap the button Invite members
  • Select the sharing option you want to use if you have entered the Invite link page
    How to Create and Share WhatsApp Community Links - 1
  • Share the link as needed

When you create a WhatsApp community for the first time, you will find the Invite members menu like the steps above. We can use it to invite more members via a link.

It’s just that we can remove the button from the main page of a community. If it is so then we can open it in a slightly different way. But don’t worry because they are both easy to do.

If the Invite Members Menu Has Been Removed from the Main Page

  • Go to the related WhatsApp Community
  • Tap the button More options (three dots icon) in the top right corner
  • Select the menu View members
  • Tap Invite to community via link
    How to Create and Share WhatsApp Community Links - 2
  • On the Invite link page, share or copy the URL with the options you want to use

For both the first and second methods, there are four options that can be used to share community links. Including Send link via WhatsApp if you want to share it directly in the app, Copy link if you just want to copy it, Share link to forward it to another application, or QR code.

To prevent new users from logging in with outdated links, we can also update the URL to share. We just need to tap the button Reset link on the Invite link page.

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