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How to Create an Automatic Table of Contents in Microsoft Word to Make It Practical

Gadgetren – Microsoft Word is a document editor application that has many features that make it easier for users to create, check, edit, and print documents.

In Microsoft Word itself is listed a powerful feature called Table of Contents that allows users to automatically create a table of contents directly using the order of titles and subtitles.

Usually creating a table of contents will be done manually. However, thanks to the presence of the Table of Contents, the process of making a table of contents from a report, thesis, scientific work, and others can be very easy, especially if the contents of the document are very many pages.

To be able to create a layered table of contents with the presence of subtitles under the title, you need to mark Heading 1 for the main title, Heading 2 for level 1 subtitles, Heading 3 for level 2 subtitles, and so on.

You can see more details in creating an automatic table of contents using the Table of Contents feature as follows.

How to Create an Automated Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

  • Open the document for which you want to create a table of contents with Microsoft Word
    Ms Word - Automated Table of Contents - 1
  • Use headings for existing titles in the document using the options Heading which is found in the section Styles on the menu Home
  • Preferably the main title can be given Heading 1level 1 subtitles with Heading 2level 2 subtitles with Heading 3and so on
    Ms Word - Auto Contents Table - 2
  • After all marked, go to menu References
  • Choose an option Table of Contents on the menu References
  • Select Automatic Table 1 on options Table of Contents
    Ms Word - Auto Contents Table - 3
  • The table of contents is automatically created

With the use of Automatic Table, all titles marked using Headings will be detected and then made into a table of contents automatically in which order is determined from the given Heading level.

You can also try automatic table of contents with other styles such as choosing Automatic Table 2 to suit your needs. Meanwhile, if you choose Manual Table, then you are free to adjust the contents of the table of contents.

It should be noted that if the title or subtitle is saved on a different page, then you can make changes with the Update Table… menu that appears while selecting the table of contents from the Tablet of Contents that has been created automatically.

Of course, making a table of contents using the Table of Contents is very practical because it is enough to mark the title and subtitle of the document which of course must be done to separate it from each part of the document.

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