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How to Create a WhatsApp Poll to Conduct a Poll in a Group

Gadgetren – Together with the Community, WhatsApp has also introduced several new features into its service. One of them is the much-awaited in-chat poll.

The in-chat polls feature is a support that allows users to create a poll in a WhatsApp group conversation. So we will no longer need to use third-party services to do this.

By using in-chat polls, we can more easily submit a statement to WhatsApp group members. The answer can also be seen in real-time where there is no need to collect or calculate it manually.

One of us can use WhatsApp in-chat polls to find the most votes when making joint decisions. For example, it can be used to choose class presidents, holiday activities, tourist attractions, to food for an event.

On the other hand, the in-chat polls feature of WhatsApp is not difficult to use. Those of you who want to create a poll in a group can follow the steps in the following steps.

How to Create a Poll on WhatsApp

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Enter the group conversation in question
  • Tap the menu Attach next to the message writing field
  • Select Polls
  • Tap option Create Poll
  • Enter the question in the column Question
  • Add answer to section Options by knocking + Add
  • Hold and slide four line icon next to the answer to arrange the order
  • Tap the button Send (paper airplane icon) in the lower right corner to post a poll

After the poll is sent, group members can respond to the question by tapping the answer that best fits their opinion. They can also deselect by re-clicking or selecting another option to change it.

How to View WhatsApp Polling Details

  • Open a related group conversation
  • Search for messages containing polls that were previously sent
  • Tap the button View votes

If you feel that all group members have already provided answers, then we can immediately check the details. We can do this by following the steps above.

The in-chat polls feature is available for Android, iOS, and computers. To use it, we may need to update the WhatsApp application from the official store according to the operating system used in the device.

For now, this feature is unfortunately not yet available to all users because WhatsApp is gradually distributing it. We might be able to use a service like as an alternative.

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