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How to create a WhatsApp link with a formatted message text to make it easier to contact

Gadgetren – The WhatsApp service supports a feature called click to chat that can make it easier for users to create personal contact links so they can be more easily contacted.

By using this feature, we can create links that can be pasted on various platforms, be it web pages or social media profiles. Examples for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok.

The click to chat feature can certainly be the right option for those of us who are selling or running a business wheel. This support moreover allows someone to contact us without the need to save the contact number to the cellphone first.

Interestingly enough, this feature also supports the option to create message formats directly. So people can contact us without the need to type too much but simply edit the text that we have set.

To use this feature, we do not need to use services or applications from third parties. You can create a WhatsApp link with a formatted message text using the following steps.

How to Create a WhatsApp Link with Formatted Message Text

  • Prepare the WhatsApp number you want to use
  • Salin URL
  • Change number with WhatsApp number
  • Change TeksPesanURL with the desired message content
  • Copy the entire URL and use it as needed

In order to be successful in creating WhatsApp links, there are several conditions that need to be considered. Make sure the contact number you want to use in the URL above is already converted to international format but without the plus sign (+) in front of it.

In this case, in particular, we only need to change the leading 0 to 62 if we use an Indonesian cellular card. For example, we can change the number 081234567890 Becomes 6281234567890.

In addition, we also cannot write the contents of the message arbitrarily but must use the writing rules to create a URL. This includes using the code %3A to make a colon, %0A for enter (moving lines), and %20 for spaces.

How to Create a WhatsApp Link With Text

For example, we can replace TeksPesanURL in the URL copied with the code Nama%20%3A%0Aalamat%20%3A%0Abarang%20Pesanan%3A to create a WhatsApp link with the following formatted message text.

Of course, we can create our own to make the contents of text messages as needed. If you are afraid that it will be too long, you can later use a link shortening service such as Bitly, S.ID, or TinyURL.

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