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How to Create a Photo Slide Show on TikTok so that the images change automatically

Gadgetren – Lately, the For You TikTok page is no longer only filled with content in the form of videos, but also many users who create content in photo mode and video mode.

Actually, the two modes both rely on a set of photos, but when they are uploaded to the public, they will present a different form and experience of storytelling.

If you are confused about the difference, photo mode will display the content not TikTok in the form of displaying photos one by one with a dot at the bottom as a pause or alternation between one photo and another.

While the video mode also uses a collection of photos selected from the cellphone gallery. However, the form of the video mode display will be in the form of slide content or photos will shift automatically.

Both photo and video modes can display a maximum of 35 photos. We can also create photo and video modes with a variety of tools and features presented on the edit page.

We can enter songs, titles, text, effects, adjust duration, audio, filters, and much more. It should also be noted that the photo and video mode can only be uploaded to the For You page and cannot be shared to Stories.

Previously the Gadgetren team had also provided how to create content in the form of photo mode on TikTok. Now it’s the turn to explain how to create content on TikTok in the form of video mode or slideshow.

How to Create a Photo Slide Show on TikTok

That’s how to create a photo slide show on TikTok that many users may not know about. By using this video mode feature, we can have alternative forms of viewing other content that are more interesting and varied.

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