How to create a PDF with images on Android


The format PDF It is a type of file widely used in digital documents because one of its advantages is that it can be exchanged and viewed from almost any electronic device without it having the software with which it was created.

That is why it is often necessary to transfer the photos that we have on the cell phone to the universal PDF format. This task does not cause complications and we can do it from our own Android terminal and without having to use applications.

How to convert photos to PDF without using apps on Android

There are various web services capable of converting photos to PDF from the mobile browser and one of them is iLovePDF. This service is free and easy to use. We show you the steps to follow.

Open your mobile browser (preferably Chrome) and enter iLovePDF in the address bar. Locate the page and enter it.

Then click on the option JPG to PDF. Next, click on Select JPG images. Your phone’s photo gallery will automatically open.

Select the image and click Done. Next, wait for it to load on your page and click on Convert to PDF. Wait a few moments and then tap on Download pdf. Make the action in your browser.

The image in PDF format will be downloaded to your downloads folder.

How to convert photos to PDF from Huawei

Many brands of Android-based mobile terminals include a native option to save gallery photos in PDF format. In a Huawei terminal do the following.

Enter the photo gallery and open the image you want to convert to PDF. Tap on the icon More options (three vertical dots) and select Print or export to PDF.

In the printing interface, tap on the name of the printer available on your Wi-Fi network and select Save as PDF.

Tap on the icon Keepchoose the file name and finally tap on Keep. the image will have been saved in the photo gallery.

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