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How to Create a 1 Minute Instagram Story So You Can Enter Longer Content

Gadgetren – In addition to posts and reels, Instagram Stories are one of the spearheads of content that is currently often seen by users on social media applications that were originally photo-based.

The layout of the Story itself is at the top of the application so it will be easily seen by many people. Moreover, the broadcast time is only 24 hours, so people don’t want to miss what the Instagram account has uploaded.

But recently some Instagram users have gotten Stories that are able to display videos with a duration of 1 minute. We all know that Story is currently only able to display videos limited to 15 seconds.

With this increase in duration, of course, this is good news for many Instagram users. Actually, the story plan to reach 1 minute has been a rumor some time ago saying that Instagram is testing Stories with a duration of 60 seconds.

Until now, not all Instagram users have gotten the 1-minute Story, so those who haven’t got it must remain patient until this latest feature is provided by Instagram.

How to Create a 1 Minute Instagram Story

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone and login
  • On page Home, Press the button Add berikon + at the top
  • Choose an option Story
  • Select the menu Hands-Free box icon in a circle
  • Next, press the button Record berikon colored circle inside a circle
  • After the video recording reaches 1 minute, then press the button Stop berikon colored box inside the circle
    Instagram - Story 1 Min - 1
  • On page Preview, Press the button Next berikon right arrow
  • On the pop-up menu Share, select Your Story and press the button Share
  • Next, press the button Done
    Instagram - Story 1 Min - 2

After the Instagram Story has been successfully created, you can view a 1 minute video. However, if the video you uploaded turns out to be more than 1 minute, it will be divided into several Story sections.

Taking Instagram Story videos using Hands-Free mode is easy because once you press the Record button, you can record without holding the button again.

Meanwhile, when you want to finish the video, you can press the Stop button. With a duration that is 4 times longer than the previous Instagram Story, you will also be able to upload more interesting and creative moments.

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