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How to Copy Paste WhatsApp Chat To Copy Messages So You Don’t Retype

The Gadget – WhatsApp services very reliable by many people for communication purposes to send files such as photos, videos, to other documents.

When we communicate with WhatsApp via group chat, there are usually very long messages and we have to forward them back to other contacts.

It is impossible for us to rewrite the message because it will take a long time. To shorten it, then we can use WhatsApp chat copy paste to copy it and then transfer it to other media. Copying regular chats is also done to provide additional information on the previous chat posts.

This is usually done in group chats when there is a message that requires us to write additional information such as the name of the participant and so on so that the information is continuously updated. The good news is that WhatsApp itself provides a copy feature so we can directly use it in the application.

You can see a complete explanation for copying and pasting WhatsApp chats so you don’t retype the previous message.

Cara Copy Paste Chat WhatsApp

  • Log in to the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone.
  • Select a contact on WhatsApp.
  • Tap the chat to be copied or copy paste.
  • Tap the button translation or copy with a stack of two paper-like icons located at the top of the
  • Tap the chat field to send a message.
  • Tap for a while and tap paste or paste in the chat column. how-to-copy-paste-chat-on-WA-2
  • Then add the desired caption.
  • Then tap on the send button with the arrow icon in the lower right corner of the

To copy and paste the previous chat, WhatsApp does not set a character limit so that long sentences or texts that you want to add to other text can still be sent to the message column privately or in a group.

Apart from copying and pasting to copy messages, you can also select the continue feature with the arrow icon curving to the right. The forward message feature is also found in the same place as the copy or copy feature with a curved right arrow icon. Then there is also an arrow to the left curved icon which functions to reply to the chat message.

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