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How to Copy Captions from Certain TikTok Videos to Share Again

Gadgetren – We can find important information we need or inspire from TikTok videos.

Not only through video content, but the caption or description in the TikTok video is a part of it.

Although it usually only contains one or two sentences, the caption can be a summary of the content of the TikTok video, for example in a video that displays a product or news about something.

We can also copy the caption quickly to be shared again. However, the copying feature itself is not yet available directly not TikTok. Therefore we need another way to be able to copy the captions in TikTok videos.

One of them is using third-party applications such as via email Google Lens help which can be accessed via a browser. This method is very easy and anyone can do it because you don’t need to download another application.

With the help of Google Lens, you can copy various videos on TikTok freely either to save yourself, transfer to other documents, or share with friends.

How to Copy Captions in TikTok Videos

  • Enter the app TikTok on your cellphone.
  • Select the video you want to copy the caption for.
  • Take screenshot on the TikTok video page.
  • Close the TikTok app and open the Google Chrome app.
  • Tap the button Google Lens with a square icon there is a dot next to the search field. Cara-copy-caption-in-video-TikTok-1.
  • Select photo screenshot of the TikTok video earlier from the phone Gallery.  Cara-copy-caption-in-video-TikTok-2.
  • Scroll down the photo until captions section.
  • Then mark sentence until the end you want to copy. How-to-caption-each-other-video-TikTok-3
  • Press Copy text to copy captions.
  • Then you can paste the result to another place. How-to-caption-each-other-video-TikTok-4

In addition to captions on TikTok, actually this method can also be used for captions on other social media such as Instagram, YouTube Short, YouTube videos, Twitter, and many more. You can easily copy captions using the same steps for other social media.

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