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How to convert files from Microsoft Word to PDF to make them more secure to share

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Gadgetren – In order not to be easily tampered with by others, we can convert important documents created with Microsoft Word into PDF (Portable Document Format) format.

Documents saved as PDFs can also be used more flexibly. We can more easily share and present it without worrying about the different devices used by each person.

This file format introduced by Adobe supports a variety of operating systems and applications. We can even open it easily on most of today’s computers and mobile devices.

By converting documents from Word to PDF, of course, we will get various kinds of benefits. So we can still exchange files until we open them with the devices we have without any changes to the text or format in it.

Converting Word to PDF is fortunately not a difficult thing in these days. We can even do it from mobile phones or computers directly using the document processing application made by Microsoft itself.

From Microsoft Word to PDF Via Mobile

Using Microsoft Word

  • Download the Microsoft Word mobile app
  • Open the app if it is already installed
  • Enter the tab Open
  • Find the file in question according to the storage location
  • Once found, open the file
  • Tap More options in the top right corner
  • Select the menu Share as PDF
  • Next select Copy to or Save to according to the File Manager used
  • Save the file to the desired location

How to Convert Word to PDF - 1

You can now download the Word application via Google Play Store nor Apple Apps Store according to the operating system used on the device. We can get it for free but with an in-app purchase system in the form of a Microsoft 360 subscription.

In addition to using the Word application itself, we can also convert documents to PDF by utilizing services from third parties. We in this case can even do it online using only a browser.

With Third Party Services

  • Go to page Convert Word to PDF Adobe using browser
  • Click button Select a file
  • Use File Manager to find the desired file
  • Select the file
  • Wait for the service to process the file
  • Login or create an Adobe account if needed
  • Tap the button Download to download PDF
    How to Convert Word to PDF - 2

Like what I described earlier, converting documents from Word to PDF can also be done on a computer. The steps to do this can be seen as follows.

From Microsoft Word to PDF Via Computer

Using Microsoft Word

  • Open the file you want to convert to PDF with Word
  • Tap the menu File
  • Choose an option Export
  • Make sure to choose Create PDF/XPS Document
  • Tap the button Create PDF/XPS
    How to Convert Word to PDF - 3
  • Change the file name according to the name you want to use
  • Change Save as type the PDF (*.pdf)
  • Click button Publish
    How to Convert Word to PDF - 4

If you use the desktop version of the Word application, you will also get some additional support that can be used to adjust the quality of PDF files. In this case, we can choose between Standard or Minimum size in the section Optimize for before pressing Publish so that the file size is as desired.

On a computer, converting Word to PDF format can also be reached with third-party services. We, one of them, can also take advantage of the Convert Word to PDF service owned by Adobe like on mobile phones. Here’s how to use it if you’re still confused.

Using Third Party Services

  • Visit Adobe’s Convert Word to PDF page
  • Tap the button Select a file
    How to Convert Word to PDF - 5
  • Find and select the file in question
  • Wait for the PDF creation process
  • Create an account or login first if prompted
  • Click button Download
    How to Convert Word to PDF - 6

After successfully converting Word to PDF, we can share the document in question as needed. We also don’t need to be afraid that the contents of the document will be accidentally edited when someone else opens it.

Of course, these advantages make PDF a more optimal format than Word when you want to share important documents whose contents cannot be changed. This is also one of the reasons why PDF is often the format requested when sending job applications and other things.

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