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How to Connect Shopee with Akulaku as a Payment Method

Gadgetren – Many are looking for ways to connect an Akulaku account to a Shopee account. But before going any further, it should be noted that to connect Shopee with Akulaku aims as a payment method only.

In this case, when you shop at Shopee, the payment method without a credit card with Akulaku will appear after checking out and then selecting payment.

To be able to use the Akulaku payment method when shopping at Shopee, you must have two application accounts, both Akulaku and Shopee.

In order to successfully connect, you must also make sure that the Shopee and Akulaku applications are up to date. You have to submit the conditions imposed by Akulaku according to the data on Shopee.

If the submission process is smooth, then you can try shopping and see if the Akulaku payment method on Shopee has appeared. For more details, you can see how to connect Shopee with Akulaku below.

How to Connect Shopee with Akulaku

  • Activate PayLater in the Akulaku app.
  • Then open the Shopee application on your cellphone.
  • Make Order desired item.How-To-Connect-Shopee-with-My-Me-1
  • Then select a payment method.
  • Tap the payment method with Akulaku.How-To-Connect-Shopee-with-I-laku-3
  • Choose the available options according to what you need.
  • Enter number cell phone the same in Akulaku and Shopee
  • Will come later verification code.How-To-Connect-Shopee-with-Me-Payments
  • Once connected, you can proceed with the payment by tapping the button Payment confirmation.

If you still fail to connect Akulaku to Shopee, then chances are your Credit Limit is not sufficient so you need to re-check the Credit Limit in the Akulaku application.

In addition, if you still have payment arrears from previous transactions, Shopee does not allow Akulaku to connect to the application as a payment method, so you must complete it first.

Therefore, it is better for you to use the direct payment method so that there are no problems in the future. You also don’t need to bother making sure whether there are unresolved arrears or not.

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