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How to Combine Photos in CapCut to Become One Video

Gadgetren – The CapCut service makes it easy for us to be able to edit videos on Android and iOS devices.

Besides being able to combine videos, we can also combine multiple photos so that we can make a complete video with pauses or transitions between them.

By default the CapCut application does not limit the number of photos that can be combined. But of course the duration will be affected by the number and settings for each photo.

By combining many photos, it will actually make it easier for us to document photos on social media so they don’t get scattered. Compared to social media, CapCut provides complete features to do that.

Apart from that, combining photos in CapCut has more varied audio options because they are available directly or we can also use the ones we make ourselves.

Regarding the steps for combining multiple photos in CapCut, you can follow the method below so you don’t get confused.

How to Merge Multiple Photos in CapCut

Apart from using the CapCut application, you can use similar editing applications such as Kinemaster, Filmora, InShot, Power Director, VivaVideo, Lightroom, and many more. It depends on which application makes you comfortable editing videos.

Even though the CapCut application is free to get, not all features are unlocked for free which you also have to subscribe to CapCut Pro to access these features.

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