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How to Combine Movie Subtitles on an Android Phone to Watch Better

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Gadgetren – Using movie subtitles on Android can now be done very easily because there are many video player applications that support this, including VLC, GOM, and MX Player.

By using the video player, the text of the downloaded subtitle file will also be displayed when the movie is played. Although specifically how to set it will vary for each application used.

You just need to use the subtitle menu and select a file (usually .sub or .srt) to be displayed by the application. Besides that, you can too named the subtitle file the same as the title of the movie filefor example, so videosatu.avi and so that they will be automatically detected.

But the results will not be permanent. Later subtitles only apply while the movie is playing in the application because the actual subtitle and video data are not automatically combined in one file.

In order to combine subtitles with video into one file, we need more than just the existing player application. We in this case at least need special equipment such as video editors.

In the Android ecosystem, fortunately we can already find applications that support it. Those of you who don’t know can listen to how to use it to combine movie subtitles like the following steps.

How to Combine Movie Subtitles into One File

  • Make sure the subtitle and movie files are stored on the cellphone
  • Download the Inverse.AI Video Converter application
  • Run the application after it is installed
  • The first time you use it, do some initial settings such as giving permission to access the storage media
  • After entering the main page of the application, click menu Video Converter
  • Select the desired movie then press the button Next
  • Tap a section Subtitle tracks
    How to Combine Movie Subtitles on Android - 1
  • Click options Add External Subtitle
  • Click Watch ad to unlock features for free
  • Or click Free Trial to try it as a premium feature
  • Find the subtitle file on the storage media
  • Select the subtitle file if you have found it
  • Click None to add another subtitle file
  • Click Done If you have finished it
    How to Combine Movie Subtitles on Android - 2
  • Tap the button Convert
  • Change the file name in the column Output File Name if needed
  • Click Start Now
  • Wait for the merging process to finish
  • Tap the button OK
    How to Combine Movie Subtitles on Android - 3

Inverse.AI Video Converter can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store services. It’s just that this application does offer a purchase system in it if we want to access various kinds of premium support.

The Add External Subtitle feature, which can be used to combine movie subtitles, is also one of Inverse.AI Video Converter’s premium support. The good news is, we don’t need to spend money because it can also be accessed by watching advertisements.

No less interesting, the Add External Subtitle feature from Inverse.AI Video Converter can not only be used to combine one subtitle file. So we can have the option to add multiple subtitles to a movie.

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