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How to Close OVO Premier Account If You Don’t Want to Use It Anymore

The Gadget – OVO become one of the digital wallet services that is widely used by Indonesian people to carry out digital transactions at various cooperating merchants.

The first time you register, you will be given an OVO Club account which only gets a limited number of features. To be able to access even more features, you also have to use OVO Premier.

But there are times when after you become a member of OVO Premier, you don’t want to use OVO anymore because you prefer other digital wallet services.

To close the OVO Premier account so it won’t be a burden anymore because it has many digital wallet services, unfortunately the closing process cannot be done directly through the OVO application.

How to Close OVO Premier Account

To close the OVO Premier accountyou can contact the OVO Call Center at 1500696 which is recommended via the telephone number registered to the OVO account to speed up the process.

The OVO Call Center itself is active from Monday to Sunday for 24 hours. Next, you can submit an account closure along with the reasons to the contacted staff. You also have to follow the procedures given so that the process can run smoothly.

OVO advises you to empty your OVO Cash and OVO Points balances up to IDR 0 before closing your OVO Premier account. In addition, you must first pay off your OVO Pay Later bill if you have arrears.

If you have OVO Invest, then you also need to disburse the investment first. You also have to disconnect OVO links or links from partner applications such as HiCard, Matahari card (MCC), First Media, Grab, Kudo, and others if any.

Apart from going through the Call Center, you can also close your OVO Premier account by emailing a new request for account closure to the address [email protected] by attaching all information data from the OVO Premier account you want to delete.

Then, you can fill in the Subject column with a Request to Delete Account. If everything has been filled in and feels appropriate, then all you have to do is press the Send or Send button until the account closing process is approved.

It should be noted that this means that you are not only closing the Premier account but the OVO account as a whole, so make sure you really want to do this.

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