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How to Clone WhatsApp So You Can Use Multiple Accounts

Gadgetren – How to clone the WhatsApp application is not a difficult matter nowadays. Almost all manufacturers have special features that can be used to do this.

Even though in distributing the application cloning feature, each manufacturer often uses a different name. The placement of the settings on each cellphone is far from uniform.

Unfortunately, the device’s built-in cloning feature has very limited support. We can usually only make a copy of each application. So we can only use two accounts unless we take advantage of other methods.

Even if the cellphone doesn’t have a default cloning feature, we can also take advantage of third-party applications, some of which offer more up-to-date options. We are not even rarely able to make more than one copy.

Whether using default features or third-party applications, the steps for cloning WhatsApp on the cellphone that we have are quite easy. Those of you who don’t know can listen to it in the following explanation.

How to Clone the WhatsApp Application

Take Advantage of Built-In Features

  • Enter page Settings.
  • Use search field for the clone feature
  • Type Dual apps, Dual Messenger, Clone Apps, App Twins, App cloner, or Twin Apps depending on the device used.
  • Tap the app clone settings menu that appears.
  • Tap Create or the appropriate button.
  • Select WhatsApp if needed.
  • Turn on clone option.
    How to Clone WhatsApp on HP - 1
  • Confirm with the appropriate button if the app also requests Google services cloning

Most manufacturers place their cloning feature into the Settings page where we can generally access it using the steps above. It’s just that it doesn’t rule out the possibility that it can also be present as a separate application.

Using Third Party Applications

  • Download apps like Parallel Space.
  • Open the app once installed.
  • Click Agree and continue to agree to the service policy.
  • Tap Continue then allow the amount of access the app requests.
  • Press the button Start.
  • Don’t forget to vote WhatsApp.
  • Tap Add to Parallel Space.
  • Tap on WhatsApp then install 64-bit or 32-bit Parallel Space support.
  • Click Grant if the app still needs access to a number of things.
  • Tap WhatsApp to open the service.
    How to Clone WhatsApp on HP - 2

There are quite a number of applications that offer the WhatsApp service cloning feature on various devices today. Parallel Space is just one of the things that can be considered when you need an easy and practical way to clone WhatsApp.

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