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How to Clear Google Play Store Cache and Data If You Have Problems

Gadgetren – Google Play Store is one of the services that is very important for us when using devices ranging from cellphones to tablets with mobile phones Android-based operating system.

This service contains a variety of products that we need so that Android phones have additional functions as desired. This includes applications, games, movies, and books.

If you experience problems when using the service, such as cannot be opened or the download process fails, then it will be a serious problem for some people. We will at least be a little bothered to find a way to solve it.

Of the many factors that can cause problems in these services, cache and data buildup is one of them. Google Play Store does need both to work more smoothly but sometimes what happens is the opposite.

As a solution, we also need to clear cache and data from the Google Play Store from the cellphone that we use. Those of you who don’t know how to do it can listen to the steps in more detail in the following explanation.

How to Clear Google Play Store Cache and Data

  • Visit the Settings page in a known way
  • Enter the menu Apps
  • Click Manage apps if needed
  • Search apps Google Play Store
  • Use the search feature if needed
  • Tap the app
  • Click section Storage if needed
    How to Clear Play Store Cache and Data - 1
  • Tap the button Clear data if necessary
  • Click button Clear cache or Clear all data
  • Confirm with the appropriate button
    How to Clear Play Store Cache and Data - 2

By pressing the Clear cache button, the system will later delete cache files associated with the Google Play Store only. While Clear all data can be selected if you want to clean all the data like a factory reset for the application.

If Google Play Store is not found in the app manager page as above, then try changing the filter to all apps. Usually we in this case just need to knock More options (three dots icon) in the upper right corner and then select the appropriate option.

The steps to clear Google Play Store cache and data may be different for each device. This will really depend on what Android system interface is used so we also need to adjust it.

Apart from clearing cache and data, we can also uninstall updates from Google Play Store to complete the buildup. It’s just that this step should be considered if the steps above still fail.

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