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How to Clear Cache and Application Data on OPPO HP to Come Back Relieved

Gadgetren – There are more and more applications for the Android operating system that take up the RAM capacity and internal memory of a mobile phone.

Fortunately mobile phones with the Android operating system, including artificial OPPOhas presented a built-in feature that can clean cache and data from an application to reduce the size of the data.

On OPPO cellphones, you have been given the convenience of clearing cache and application data through two places, namely Settings or Phone Manager.

How to Clear OPPO Application Cache and Data

Through Settings

  • App access Settings on OPPO mobile
  • Select the menu Apps
  • Enter the menu App management
  • Next, select an application to be cleaned
  • On the page App info, select an option Storage usage
    OPPO - Clear Cache - Settings - 1
  • You can choose Clear Cache or Clear Data according to the needs
    OPPO - Clear Cache - All

Of course, chat applications and social media such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and others often consume very large data and cache. This feature can make the internal storage capacity of OPPO cellphones relieved again.

It should be noted that if you select Clear Cache, it will only clear the Cache of an application. However, if you select Clear Data, it will delete Data and Cache at once.

Through Phone Manager

  • Open the app Phone Manager OPPO cellphone default
  • Enter to App management
  • Select an option My
  • Find and select the application to clean
  • Select an option Storage usage on the page App info
    OPPO - Clear Cache - Phone Manager - 1
  • You can choose Clear Cache or Clear Data
    OPPO - Clear Cache - All

While in some games, deleting data will make the game have to re-download important data from the internet. In addition, you also have to log in again so you can play in the game.

By removing Clear Cache and Data from an application, it is hoped that the internal memory of OPPO cellphones will become even more spacious when needed. However, my suggestion is that social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter should only be accessed via the web if they are not opened too often.

So there is no need to install an application which burdens the internal memory capacity of the cellphone. You still interact and access social media as usual, even though there may be some things that are a little less practical to do.

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