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How to Clean Vivo HP Storage Space To Make It More Relieved

Gadgetren – Mobile phone storage media nowadays are generally quite large.

Even so, we sometimes still need to clean the data so that it is not full which can happen if it is not monitored.

Cell phones that run out of storage space can experience various kinds of problems. Apart from not being able to be used to store data or install applications, the system can even crash.

When the storage space is full, not infrequently the performance of the cellphone also decreases. I personally often feel that a device running out of memory will run slower than usual especially when loading an app.

The type of data that can make storage space full is unfortunately quite a lot. In addition to files that are no longer in use, cache to trash can also be some of the causes.

Cleaning up storage space is fortunately very easy although sometimes it varies from device to device. Those of you who use a vivo-made cellphone specifically can follow these steps if you want to do it.

How to Clean Vivo Cellphone Storage Space

Clear Cache, Temporary Data, and Log Files

  • Open the app i Manager
  • Let the app finish scanning
  • If so, enter the menu Space cleanup
  • Tap the button Clean up all
  • Click One-touch cleanup

Deleting cache, temporary data, and log files can be the first way to clean up storage space on Vivo phones. In this case, we can take advantage of the i Manager application which is one of the features of Funtouch OS.

It’s just that you need to remember that the display interface of the i Manager application can vary according to the Funtouch OS version on the cellphone. So of course we need to adjust some of the steps above to make it work.

Removing Unused Apps

  • Go to page Settings
  • Open the menu Apps
  • Find the app you want to delete
  • Tap the button Uninstall

Storing rarely used apps can also fill up your storage space. Moreover, today’s games generally have a fairly large data size. Therefore, deleting it can be one solution.

The steps above apply to the new version of Funtouch OS. If our vivo cellphone is still using the old version, the appearance and naming of the menu on the Settings page can be different so we need to adjust it.

Deleting Unused Data

  • Use the app Albums or Files manager according to the data you want to delete
  • Search for the photo, video or document in question
  • Press the file for a while
  • Choose an option Delete
  • Confirm with the appropriate button if needed

In addition to applications, several types of files which include photos, videos, documents, to the WhatsApp database can also make storage space full. We can also delete it to empty it again.

But if it’s still important or hesitant to delete it, then you can try moving it to another storage media. We can use a Micro SD card in this case if it supports or takes advantage of cloud-based storage such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDriveas well as Dropbox.

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