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How to clean the internal memory of the OPPO cellphone so that the storage becomes a relief

Gadgetren – Even though there are many OPPO phones that have large internal memory, there are times when the capacity becomes almost full because of the large amount of data stored.

Usually the internal capacity that is almost full will make the cellphone suddenly pop up an error notification, the application that has been accessed suddenly exits itself, or freezes.

For this reason, you should periodically clean various cache files, trash, or data that are no longer used to make the internal memory on the OPPO mobile phone relieved again so that the operating system, applications, and games can run smoothly.

As an easy solution, you can take advantage of the Clean Up feature which is embedded in the My Files application on OPPO phones by default. You can also delete it manually through the My Files application by visiting the location of the data.

How to Clean OPPO Mobile Internal Memory

Through the Clean Up Feature

  • Open the app My Files on OPPO phone
  • On the main page of the application, press the button Clean Up
  • Next, the feature will scan data that is worth deleting
  • On page Clean Upyou will be shown the amount of data that has been detected
  • Press the button Clean
  • The data will be deleted immediately
    OPPO - Clean Internal Memory - Clean Up

Actually you will also be able to see the Deep Cleanup section which allows you to manually delete some data on OPPO phones that have been separated according to categories such as Photos, Videos, Apps, Audio, and Documents.

In addition, there is also an App Cleanup section that can be used to manually delete some WhatsApp data. But before deleting it, you must first make sure that the data is no longer in use.

Through My Files

  • Open the app My Files on OPPO phone
  • On the main page of the application, select the folder where the file will be deleted
  • Once selected, press the button Delete
    OPPO - Clean Internal Memory - Delete1
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, press the button Delete [jumlah] items. Example Delete 4 items
  • Then the deleted files will go to the folder Recently Delete
  • To delete it permanently, press the button Delete All of folders Recently Delete
    OPPO - Clean Internal Memory - Delete2

Later, after being permanently deleted, you will see the free capacity on the internal memory increases. Of course, you also have to be careful and make sure that the deleted files are no longer important so you don’t regret it later.

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