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How to Clean OPPO HP RAM to be relieved

Gadgetren – When the RAM capacity is almost full because it is used to run various applications or systems, lag can occur on devices including cellphones OPPO.

You also need to do regular cleaning so that the RAM capacity becomes relieved again so that it can run various important applications that are used for daily activities.

The easiest way to clean RAM on OPPO devices is to remove several applications that are running in the background when they are not in use. Usually this method can be done by accessing the Recent App page.

How to Clean RAM on OPPO Mobile

Melalui Recent App

  • Press the button Virtual Recent icon with three lines at the bottom of the screen.
  • Rub preview any of the apps from the ground up is appropriate.
    OPPO - Recent App - Close App
  • If you want all applications to be immediately issued, then just press the button Close All
    OPPO - Recent App - Close All
  • After the application is released, the free RAM capacity will increase

You could say removing applications from Recent App is the easiest method to restore used RAM space. However, it should be noted that every time you open an application, of course, it will re-use the existing RAM, so you need to remove applications that are no longer used too much.

Apart from removing the application manually, you can also take advantage of the Optimize feature found in the Phone Manager application which is an application that contains versatile tools that can be used to treat OPPO devices, starting from cleaning RAM, cleaning internal memory, virus scanners, privacy, and others.

Through Phone Manager

  • Open the app Phone Manager on OPPO devices.
  • The system will perform a scan of files that can be cleaned.
  • Press the button Optimize.
    OPPO - Phone Manager - Free RAM part 1
  • Next, the system will start the process Cleanup.
  • You will see what the system does.
  • Press the button Done when finished.
    OPPO - Phone Manager - Free RAM part 2

If you use Phone Manager, you don’t only launch the application but also do several things for optimization at the same time.

Phone Manager can help clean RAM if you really want to make sure the whole system is working optimally. While removing applications that are not being used can also be done if you just want to free up unused RAM capacity.

It is undeniable that applications running in the background often take up quite a large RAM capacity. So you periodically look for applications that are not being used to stop and prioritize the applications that are being used at that time for work, study or entertainment activities.

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