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How to Clean Junk Files on OPPO HP Safely and Fast

Gadgetren – ColorOS that is present on OPPO mobile phones has a variety of tools and applications that can help users to smoothen their daily activities.

Even ColorOS is equipped with a multifunctional Phone Manager application, one of which can be used to clean up accumulated data waste.

To clean the data garbage, you can use the Phone Manager which can be done with a few easy steps.

How to Clean Junk on OPPO Smartphones

Through Phone Manager

  1. Open the Phone Manager application on the OPPO phone
  2. On the main page, select menu Clean up storage
  3. The application will search and show junk file size which can be deleted
  4. Next, press the button Clean and automatically junk files will be cleaned
    OPPO - Clean Junk - Phone Manager

Not only that, actually some applications will be shown in the App Cleanup section. If you choose one of these applications, then you can also see what junk files can be deleted.

Interestingly, the Phone Manager application also provides a Virus Scan feature that can be used to detect applications and files that are suspected of being infected with a virus. If a virus is detected, you will be asked to delete it.

Via CCleaner

  1. Download the CCleaner app from Google Play Store
  2. Run the app
  3. On the start page, grant access permission to CCleaner
  4. Press the button Start Here
  5. After all the junk files have been scanned, press the button See Results
  6. On page Quick Clean, you will be shown junk files which has been detected
  7. Press the button Finishing Cleaning to clean it up

OPPO - Clean Junk - CCleaner

You could say CCleaner is one of the most popular applications in dealing with cleaning data junk. Not only on mobile phones, this application is also available on computers and laptops.

The interface of CCleaner is made simple to make it easier for users to use it. But before you download a third-party garbage cleaning application, it’s a good idea to look at the ratings and comments on the Google Play Store first to make sure it’s safe or not.

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