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How to Clean HP Realm Trash Easily and Quickly

Gadgetren – There are times when you use a cellphone realm there is a problem where the operating system suddenly lags when used for daily activities.

One of the things that can cause this problem is usually because the junk files that are present on realme cellphones have accumulated, such as Cache for example.

This can sometimes cause a variety of problems including applications that suddenly exit themselves, break during navigation, and others.

But you don’t need to worry because realme cellphones are equipped with built-in features such as Phone Manager, Clean Up, or Clear Cache which can be used to clean up trash.

How to clean realme cellphone trash

Through Phone Manager

  • Open the app Phone Manager on realme mobile
  • On the main page, you can wait until the application has finished scanning the trash on your cellphone
  • When finished scanning, press the button Optimize
  • Furthermore, the application will clean up various files that are considered junk
  • Everything is done automatically by the system
    realme - Delete Trash - Phone Manager

You could say Phone Manager has a versatile function because apart from being able to clean up trash, this application can also be used to manage digital payment protection, privacy access permissions, scan viruses, diagnose software and hardware, and access application settings.

However, if you feel that Phone Manager is lacking in cleaning up trash on realme cellphones, then you can also take advantage of the Clean Up feature found in the File Manager application.

Via File Manager

  • App access File Manager default cellphone realme
  • On the main page of the application, press the button Clean Up which is right below the section Phone Storage
  • Next, the application will scan for junk files which is on the cellphone
  • When the scanning is complete, then press the button Clean
    realme - Delete Trash - Clean Up

You could say that the File Manager that is present on realme cellphones also scans various files that are considered junk and are not very important so that they are safe when deleting them.

Junk files themselves are usually not really needed for the process of running applications, but they fulfill internal storage capacity. This is what makes realme present default features, such as Phone Manager and Clean Up to make it easier for users to find hidden junk files.

In addition, the cache of an application, especially social media applications, should also be cleaned regularly on realme cellphones so that they don’t accumulate so that the internal storage becomes full.

Clear Cache

  • Open the app Settings default cellphone realme
  • Select the menu App Management
  • Select App list
  • Find and select the app to clear cache
    realme - Delete Trash - Clear Cache - 1
  • On the page App info, click the menu Storage Usage
  • Press the button Clear Cache
    realme - Clear Trash - Clear Cache - 2
  • Later the cache file of the application will be 0 MB

Even though it has been deleted, this cache file will reappear if you return to your activities with the application. For this reason, you can delete the cache periodically when it feels almost full.

Those are three easy ways to clean up trash that appears on real cellphones. If you have another effective method, maybe you can share your experience in the comments column below.

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