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How to check whether Telkomsel is experiencing interference or not before being confused

Gadgetren – Telkomsel is one of the operators in Indonesia that provides internet, telephone, and SMS services from Sabang to Merauke.

You could say Telkomsel has a good network quality so many people use it.

But sometimes at a time, you can’t do activities such as internet, telephone, or SMS. Of course this is very annoying and makes you ask whether the Telkomsel network is experiencing interference or not.

To be sure, you can ask friends who also use Telkomsel or use other devices to check if the network is experiencing interference through several channels.

1. Monitor Telkomsel’s Social Media

You can monitor activity from the status on Telkomsel’s social media, both Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by using other available internet access. So far, Telkomsel’s Twitter account is the most active.

Usually with the keyword Telkomsel disturbance, you will find tweets from various Telkomsel user accounts that are also experiencing problems. But if you visit Telkomsel’s official Twitter accountyou can also see if there are tweets regarding network disruption or not.

But it doesn’t hurt you to also monitor the activities of the Telkomsel official Facebook account and Telkomsel’s official Instagram account in order to obtain more varied information.

2. Contact Telkomsel Customer Service

To get faster information, you can also directly contact Telkomsel Customer Service via email, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitteror WhatsApp so that they can directly ask about the occurrence of interference or not.

Meanwhile, to be able to contact the Call Center from Telkomsel, you only need to call 188 and immediately ask about problems regarding whether the network is experiencing interference or not.

For those of you who are Telkomsel Halo and Diamond customers, fortunately, you will not be charged. However, Telkomsel Prepaid subscribers will be charged a tariff of Rp. 300 to make calls to the Call Center.

3. Visit the nearest GraPari

GraPari itself is a Telkomsel user service center that can serve you directly face to face. By visiting the nearest GraPari, you can definitely find out if Telkomsel is having problems or actually your SIM card is the problem.

Later the staff will help to answer and resolve problems according to the constraints experienced. If it is Telkomsel that is experiencing interference, then you have to wait until the technician repairs the existing network.

Usually, Telkomsel will also inform its social media when it has completed network repairs from mass disturbances.

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