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How to check the Xiaomi cellphone type to know the model and series

Gadgetren – Checking the type of mobile phone sometimes needs to be done so that it’s easier for us to do a number of things, for example looking for firmware to use for reinstalling.

Without knowing the type of mobile phone used, we may find it difficult to do this. In fact, it can be at high risk, such as damage due to incorrect installation of the firmware file.

Moreover, the types of mobile phones currently circulating are very many. Each company sometimes even has more than one series in order to meet the needs of users spread across each line.

Xiaomi, which is a mobile phone manufacturer with many fans, is the same. This China-headquartered company also has many types of cellphones, which are increasing every year.

Luckily, checking the type of cellphone made by Xiaomi is not a difficult matter. Those of you who are in need can listen to the steps to do this as follows.

How to Check Xiaomi Mobile Type

Through the Packing Box

As with most other cellphone companies, Xiaomi also markets its devices with a box to pack them with data cables, chargers, cases, and supporting documents.

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On the outside of the packaging box, we can generally find the type of cellphone that is packaged without opening it. It also includes brief specifications, IMEI number, model, and other important information.

When we need to check the type of cellphone, we can immediately look for the packing box of the related device. Don’t forget to also check the model number if you need to make sure of something more specific, such as the firmware, because sometimes it’s different, even though it’s still the same type.

Via Settings

  • Go to page Settings
  • Enter section About phone
  • Information about the type of Xiaomi cellphone can be seen in the section Device name
  • When the Device name has been changed, click All specs
  • See description in section Model
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  • Find your phone type by typing the model number into a search engine like Google

If you buy a used cellphone without a sales box or it’s lost, we can also check the type of Xiaomi cellphone directly via the settings page. The steps can be done more or less as above.

Using Third Party Applications

  • Install apps like CPU-Z from Google Play Store
  • Open the app once installed
  • Allow multiple access requests if needed
  • After entering the main page, scroll through the tabs Device
  • Check the type of cellphone in the section Model
    How to Check Xiaomi HP Type - 2
  • If it’s still unclear, use the model number to find the type of cellphone via a search engine

With the three methods above, we should be able to immediately know which type of Xiaomi cellphone we want to check. We can then use it to do the things we want more easily.

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