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How to check the type of laptop so that you don’t install the wrong driver or component

Gadgetren – To be able to perform actions like install driver or buying replacement components appropriately, we certainly need to check in advance the type or model of the laptop concerned.

If it is not suitable, the problem will not be installed or used. Even if it is forced, it can actually become a source of new problems where it even risks making the laptop device damaged or not turning on.

Although it varies for each device, fortunately checking the type of laptop can be very easy to do. Those of you who still don’t know can listen to the following ways.

Viewing Labels

A number of manufacturers generally attach an information label that contains from laptop type to serial number on the body of the device, especially on the bottom. Apart from that, we can also find it in the packaging boxes used to distribute it.

When we want to know the type of laptop used, we can also glance at the label. It is usually located on the back of the keyboard or the front side of the box although the manufacturer may have moved it.

If you don’t find an information label on the body of the device or on the packing box, we can also look for it from the documents that were included during the sale. Could warranty card or user manual.

View System Settings


  • Press the button Start Windows
  • Open Settings (gear icon)
  • Enter section System
  • Go to page About
  • See laptop type above or below Device specifications

If you don’t find a label that contains information about the type of laptop, then we can peek at it through the system settings on the device. Keep in mind that each device may require a different method. For Windows 10 and Windows 11, we can use the steps above.


  • Click Apple Menu in the top left corner of the screen
  • Select an option About This Mac from the menu that appears
  • click tab Overview if using an older model MacBook

Not only on Windows laptops, we can also check the type or model of the MacBook by using the system settings in it. Although the steps may be slightly different where more or less as mentioned above.

Whether checking the type of laptop through the label printed on the device or packing box or through the system settings in it is the most practical way we can do it. Apart from the two, we can actually take other methods, such as using third-party applications.

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