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How to Check the Touchscreen LCD Screen on a Xiaomi cellphone to make sure it’s broken or not

Gadgetren – The presence of LCD Touchscreen technology makes it easier for mobile phone users to navigate, select menus, type, or play games just by touching the screen.

Of course, this technological development makes it easier for mobile phone users to carry out their activities because they can touch directly on the screen compared to before, which all had to use physical buttons to navigate or select menus.

Even so, the touchscreen display on cellphones that have been used for a long time, including the Xiaomi brand, does not rule out the possibility of being unresponsive in responding to finger touches. To check the LCD Touchscreen from Xiaomi whether it is damaged or not, there are several methods you can try.

How to Check Xiaomi Touchscreen LCD screen

Using Secret Code

  • App access Phone on xiaomi phones
  • Type code *#*#64663#*#*
  • Next page will appear hardware configuration
  • Choose an option Color to check the screen
  • Later a color test will appear consisting of Red Green, and blue
  • If the color displayed matches the choice, then there is no problem with the color display on the screen
  • Return to the menu view and select an option Touchscreen Edge
  • After that a box will appear with certain lines and patterns that are used to test the sensitivity of the screen
  • Press and hold the box provided
  • Then, slide according to pattern available
  • If all the boxes are green, then the Xiaomi Touchscreen LCD screen has no problem
  • However, if the box does not turn green after sliding, it means that there is a problem with the touch response of the screen

By default some Xiaomi phones can use the secret code to find out the condition of the screen when touched. But if the code cannot be used, then you can take advantage of applications from third parties, such as Screen Test Pro which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Through the Screen Test Pro Application

  • Open the app Screen Test Pro on xiaomi phones
  • Select the menu Multi-touch Test to test finger touch on touchscreen screen
    Xiaomi - LCD TouchScreen - Multitouch test
  • You can also choose the menu Touch Test to thoroughly test which points can respond to finger touch
    Xiaomi - LCD TouchScreen - Touch Test
  • If the results are good, then the screen will automatically have no problems

On the menu Multi-touch Test yourself you can touch all the fingers on the Xiaomi cellphone screen. On average, today’s Xiaomi cellphone LCDs can respond to up to 10 finger touches at once.

If 10 numbers appear on the screen during the Multi-touch Test, then the screen will automatically have no problems. However, if only the number 9 or 7 appears, it means that the screen cannot detect all touches.

While for Touch Test will ask you to press and slide your finger across the screen. If all areas turn red, it can be ascertained that the screen is still in good condition.

For touchscreen screens that experience problems when touched, we recommend that you visit the nearest Xiaomi Authorized Service Center to be repaired by a professional technician.

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