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How to check the Telkomsel card grace period so it doesn’t burn

Gadgetren – Buying credit or data packages is really necessary if we use a prepaid card. If not, the number used because it can enter the grace period.

The grace period itself is the time after the active period of the prepaid number is not extended and runs out. The number will be limited later so that some of its supports will not be able to be used properly.

Upon entering the grace period, a number will usually not be able to be used to send SMS, make phone calls, or purchase certain services. We can only use it to receive it.

Just like the active period, the grace period also has a time limit which is generally only 30 days. The cellular number will also be forfeited or deactivated if we do not recharge it until this period ends.

Checking the grace period, the good news is that it’s easy to do whatever operator you use. If you use a Telkomsel Prepaid card, you can specifically follow these steps to do so.

How to Check Telkomsel Card Grace Period


  • Open the phone call app (dialpad)
  • Type number *888#
  • Press the button Call
  • Select the menu Credit check if needed
    How to Check Telkomsel Card Grace Period - 1
  • Information regarding the remaining credit and grace period will be displayed in the next window that appears

UMB (USSD Menu Browser) is easy to use but unfortunately does not support the touch screen feature. To select a menu or option in it, we must also type the appropriate number and then press the button Send.

For example, to select Check Credit according to the steps I used above, we need to type in the number 7. We can also use the same method for menus or other options.

Using the MyTelkomsel App

  • Install the MyTelkomsel app if you don’t have one yet
  • Open the app
  • Login using your Telkomsel number if you haven’t logged in yet
  • Verify with the method shown
  • Make sure to go to the tab Home
  • Information about the grace period will usually be displayed under the credit balance

MyTelkomsel is an application that must be considered when we use Telkomsel services. There are various features that can make our day-to-day activities easier, including checking credit, active period, and grace period in it.

You can download this application via Google Play Store nor Apple Apps Store according to the operating system of the device being used. Especially for cellphones made by HUAWEI and OPPO, we can also download them via AppsGallery and App Market.

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