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How to Check the Smartfren Number to Make Sure It’s Not Wrong

Gadgetren – It is a natural thing when you buy an operator card like Smartfren you can’t immediately remember the number because it consists of several digits.

Sometimes at a certain time, Smartfren numbers must be used immediately because friends want to save them or other things so they can easily call, SMS, or chat you when needed.

So you may need to write down the number on a contact application, note-taker, book, or an easy-to-reach place as a temporary solution to make it practical to give.

Meanwhile, to check or see the Smartfren number if you really have forgotten it, fortunately there are several methods that can be used.

How to Check Smartfren Number

Via USSD Code

  • Open the app Phone or Phone
  • Type code *999#
  • Press the button SIM 1 or SIM 2 according to where the Smartfren card is located
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, you will immediately be shown the Smartfren number

You could say this is the most powerful way to directly find out the Smartfren number on the cellphone. But actually, you can also check the number in a different way using the MySF application.

Via the MySF App

  • Download the MySF app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Open the app after installed
  • Make sure you are using Smartfren card network
  • Next, you will do auto login with Smartfren number
  • On the main page, you can immediately see your smartphone number

You could say the method of using this application can only be used when your Smartfren number can access the internet and still has an active period. If one of the conditions is not met, then you will not be able to login to the MySF application.

Through Sales Packaging

In addition to the two methods above, you can also check your Smartfren number directly through the SIM card sales package. Usually the phone number is at the very top which is clearly visible.

With the presence of the Smartfren number in the sales package, you are actually expected to save it in your cellphone contacts. In addition, you can also directly show it to others through this sales package.

But if you can’t do all of the methods above, then the last solution is to visit the nearest Smartfren Gallery to be assisted by Customer Service in checking the SIM card number. However, one of the methods described above should be used.

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