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How to check the Samsung HP Touchscreen if you feel something is unresponsive

Gadgetren – The touch screen or touchscreen is one of the important components because almost most of the operation of mobile phones today is very dependent on it.

As we know, today’s cellphones use a touchscreen as their main means of operation. So we will need it from navigating the display, typing, selecting menus, to playing games.

If the touchscreen is damaged, then it can be a problem for some people. We will at least have a little hassle in operating the cellphone when this important component does not work normally.

The good news, visible damage such as broken or scratched sometimes does not affect the touchscreen function directly. Some of us can even operate our cellphones as usual when the problem occurs.

To be sure, we also need to check it ourselves. We in this case can specifically follow these steps if using one of the phones from the Samsung Galaxy line.

How to Check Touchscreen on Samsung Mobile

Using Test Mode

  • Open dialpad (phone dialing app)
  • Type code *#0*# or *#7353# according to the phone model
  • If successful, test mode will open immediately
  • Select the menu Touch or TSP Grid Mode
  • Check the touchscreen according to the instructions

In accordance with the version, the display of the touchscreen checking page can also vary. This includes you may be asked to draw a rectangle with diagonal lines or fill in a grid of streamlined squares across the screen.

We just need to finish it to end and get the test result. If all parts of the box that form a rectangle or grid can be filled, then you can be sure that the touchscreen is still running normally.

Using the Samsung Member Diagnostic Feature

  • Install or update Samsung Members aplikasi app
  • Open the app
  • Enter the tab Support
  • Click button View tests in the Diagnostic
  • Find and select the menu Touch screen
  • Check by coloring all the boxes on the screen

Just like the previous method, we can assume the touchscreen is still running normally if the entire box is successfully colored. Meanwhile, if what happens is the opposite then it’s a good idea to bring the device to a service center for further checking.

Whether using the test mode or diagnostic features in Samsung Members, we can not only check the touchscreen function. Both of them can be used to see problems from other components ranging from speakers, WiFi, physical buttons, to proximity sensors.

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