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How to Check the OPPO HP Touchscreen If the Screen Is Having Problems

Gadgetren – OPPO phones use touch screen or touchscreen to make it easier for users to navigate, select menus or applications, to perform various functions.

Like electronics that have been used for a long time, sometimes the function of the touchscreen will be disturbed so that some areas on the screen will be difficult to touch and cannot carry out commands.

This of course will make you a little annoyed because the activity becomes disturbed if there is an area of ​​​​the screen that cannot be touched. Fortunately, you can first check the OPPO cellphone screen, whether it’s still in good condition or what areas can’t respond to finger touch.

In OPPO phone itself there is an EngineerMode which contains a collection of features to test the device’s functions to find out whether it is still in good condition or there are some problems.

In EngineerMode pim, Touchscreen testing is presented so that you can find out the condition of the finger touch response to the screen. If the touch screen is still in good condition, of course the entire area can respond.

How to Check OPPO Touchscreen

Via EngineerMode

  • Open the app Phone on OPPO devices
  • Type code *#899#
  • On the EngineerMode page, select option manual test
  • Choose an option TouchScreen pada tab Device Debugging
  • Next, select the test mode consisting of HandWriting, Verificationand Touch screen auto test
  • At the time of testing, you will see which areas of the touchscreen can respond to fingersOPPO - TouchScreen Test

When you select HandWriting mode, you can scribble on the screen. When the area successfully responds to a touch, a line will appear as if it were crossing out.

Meanwhile, if you choose Verification mode, you will be shown the coordinates of the screen area that was successfully touched. For the Touch screen auto test, it will automatically detect the touched screen area.

Later the touchscreen is declared to be functioning properly when the system in this test displays the words Pass. But to get other references about the capabilities of the touchscreen on your OPPO smartphone, then install Screen Test Pro app from Google Play Store.

Through the Screen Test Pro Application

  • Open the Screen Test Pro application on the OPPO phone
  • On the main page of the application, select menu Multi-touch Test to test how many fingers can touch simultaneously
    OPPO - ScreenTest Pro Multi
  • Or select the menu Touch Test to thoroughly test which areas can respond to finger touch
    OPPO - ScreenTest Pro Touch

The average touchscreen on today’s mobile phones can respond to up to 10 finger touches at once. By using Multi-Touch Testyou can find out if the multi-touch feature on your OPPO smartphone screen is working properly.

Later the application will display the number 10 when the screen successfully detects 10 fingers at once. However, if other numbers such as 8 or 6 appear, it is a sign that there is a problem with the screen.

While on testing Touch Test, You will be asked to press and slide your finger across the screen. When all areas of the screen turn red, it shows that the touchscreen is in good condition.

If the touchscreen of your OPPO cellphone screen is experiencing problems, then you should immediately take it to the OPPO Service Center to be handled by a certified technician.

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