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How to Check Telkomsel’s Active Period Easily & Quickly

Gadgetren – Checking the active period is indeed one of the things that must be done frequently if we rarely top up our credit so that cell phone numbers don’t expire or just get deactivated.

Even though it’s now easier to reactivate cellular numbers on a number of operators, taking precautions so that the card doesn’t burn out can still be the right choice. At least we don’t have to bother with it.

In addition, each operator generally also has a reactivation limit. Telkomsel, for example, only gives 60 days after it expires where we probably won’t be able to activate the number again after that.

The good news is, checking the active period of the numbers we have is not difficult. Each operator does have a different method but generally it is very easy and practical to do.

For Telkomsel users, there are more or less three methods that can be used in this case. As for those of you who don’t know, you can listen to the steps in more detail in the following explanation.

How to Check Telkomsel’s Active Period


  • Open dialpad (phone call pad)
  • Type code *888#
  • Press the button Call
  • Select the menu Credit check if needed
  • Information regarding the active period of the Telkomsel card number will be displayed
    How to Check Telkomsel Active Period - 1

Checking the active period via UMB (USSD Menu Browser) is indeed the oldest method. Even so, the good news is that we can still use it as the most practical method because we don’t need to install any services or applications.

It’s just that you need to remember that UMB does not support screen touches. To be able to select the menu or options that are displayed, we must type the number that corresponds to what we want to select into the available column and then tap the button. Send.

Via the MyTelkomsel Application

  • Install the MyTelkomsel application
  • Run the application once installed
  • Enter with the Telkomsel number you want to check the active period
  • Don’t forget to verify according to the instructions
  • On the main page, we can immediately see information on the number’s active period under the credit balance
    How to Check Telkomsel Active Period - 2

Apart from UMB, we can also check the active period quite easily through the MyTelkomsel service. We can download it as an application from Google Play Store nor Apple Apps Store according to the operating system on the cellphone used.

Lewat Assistant Virtual

  • Visit the Telkomsel virtual assistant channel on one of the short message services
  • Type Two then send
  • Enter a phone number if prompted
  • Verify with the OTP code if needed
  • If so, type Credit check then send
    How to Check Telkomsel Active Period - 3
  • Information on the active period will be delivered together with the remaining credit balance

We can now access the Telkomsel Virtual Assistant via Facebook Messenger and Telegram. The steps are more or less as described above, but maybe we need to make a few adjustments because the two short message services have quite different display interfaces.

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