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How to Check Samsung’s Battery Health To Know His Health Condition

Gadgetren – The battery is one of the most important components in a smartphone because it is used as a source of life energy so that it can be used to support daily activities.

In order to be able to continuously monitor the condition and health of the battery on the devices it makes, Samsung, as one of the leading smartphone manufacturers, presents a Battery Health feature that can be used easily.

By default, Samsung has introduced a Battery Health checking feature through the Samsung Member application. However, if this application is not present on the device you are using, then you can download it directly from the Samsung Store.

How to Check Samsung Battery Health

Through Samsung Members

  • Open the app Samsung Member on your device.
  • Account login first.
  • To access the battery health check feature, select menu Get Help at the bottom of the main page
  • Next, select the menu Interactive Checks.
  • Select an option Battery just until it ticks.
  • Then you will see the device battery health in the section Life.

When Battery Health is in good condition, the section Life will display text Good while if the writing appears Weak means the condition of the battery is not good.

Meanwhile, if you want to be more certain about the Battery Health of the Samsung device, you can use the Battery Information page which can be accessed using the phone code.

Through Battery Information

  • App access Phone or Telephone.
  • Type code *#*#4636#*#*.
  • Press Battery Information or Battery Statistic.
  • Later you will be shown the Battery Health indicator.

When the battery condition is healthy it will be written Good while on the contrary when the battery condition is not good it will be written Bad. Of course, the power will quickly decrease when used in daily routines if the battery’s health condition is no longer prime.

Via BatteryStatus

  • Open the app Phone or Telephone.
  • Type code *#0228#.
  • Next, page BatteryStatus raised.
  • In section level block, You can see device battery health.

You can use BatteryStatus to revalidate the previous two methods. If the numbers 0 ~ 8 appear, it means that the battery is declared healthy, while the numbers 0 ~ 7 or below appear, it means that the health of the device battery has decreased.

That way you can determine whether the battery runs out quickly because it is in bad health or due to other things such as excessive use.

If your battery can’t last long, it’s a good idea to visit the nearest official Samsung Service Center to be handled and repaired by experienced personnel.

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