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How to Check Samsung HP Warranty So You Can Be Just in Case

Gadgetren – Warranty is something that is quite important to pay attention to when we want to buy an electronic device, whether it is completely new or used by someone else.

With a guarantee, we can certainly be a little calmer. We will get various benefits ranging from free repairs, unit exchanges, and refunds for purchases when the device experiences problems.

The warranty terms for each device are very different. Each company generally has its own policy regarding the duration, conditions, and process of submitting a claim.

Even in this case it also includes ways to check it. We need different methods to find out the warranty of each device model depending on the developer company.

Samsung is also one of those companies complements the sale of every device he makes with a warranty. Those of you who want to know how to check this can listen to the following steps.

How to Check Samsung Warranty

Through the Samsung Member Application

  • Update the Samsung Member application to the most recent version
  • Log in or create a Samsung account first
  • Once on the main page, go to tabs Get Help
  • Click button Register
  • Select the desired product registration method
  • Select the type of device you want to register
  • Follow the instructions that appear according to the method of choice
  • After successfully registering, go back to the Get Help tab
  • Click button My products
  • Tap the product you want to check the warranty for

To register a product through Samsung Members, we generally only need the Serial or model number of the device in question. But for cellular devices such as mobile phones, we also need IMEI.

Through the Samsung Contact Center

If you have trouble trying to check the warranty through the Samsung Members application, we can also do this by contacting the Samsung Contact Center. In this case, we can use the telephone, WhatsApp, or come directly to the nearest Service Center.

Just like the previous method, we also need the IMEI number, serial number, or model of the related device when we want to check the warranty through the Contact Center. The easiest we can peek at the sales box.

Using Third Party Services

  • Check and record the IMEI of the related device
  • Enter page
  • Type IMEI into the column provided
  • Check captcha
  • Click button Check
  • Next select Samsung Warranty/SN/Carrier Check
  • Tap Make an order
  • Wait for the page to load all the information needed

If we lose proof of purchase which can be an initial indication of the warranty period, then the calculation will be made based on the e-warranty registration date and production date which is generally seen from the IMEI.

Apart from contacting the official Samsung Contact Center, we can check the warranty based on the IMEI number through third party services. Including one of them using the page.

However, it should be noted again that this site is a third-party service, so the accuracy is not guaranteed compared to the official channels.

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