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How to Check iPhone Condition Is New, Refurbish, Or Reconditioned

Gadgetren – There are several things to consider when we want to buy an iPhone. Besides the model you want to marrywe also need to confirm its condition even if it is labeled as new device.

iPhone devices circulating in the market are often in the form of refurbished or reconditioned products. Which in this case, both of them are often packaged as new cellphones by a number of shops and distributors.

For those of you who don’t know, a refurbished iPhone refers to a used product that is rejuvenated or repaired by Apple. Usually comes from the devices that we return because it was damaged within the warranty period.

While a reconditioned iPhone is a used device that is rejuvenated by a third party. Slightly different from refurbished, the replacement components used are not necessarily original or original from Apple.

Distinguishing between a completely new product and a reconditioned and refurbished product is fortunately quite easy. You can do it with just the following steps.

How to Check for a New, Refurbished, or Reconditioned iPhone

Via Model Number

  • Go to page Settings
  • Go to section General
  • Click the menu About
  • Check Model number

It’s no secret that the iPhone model number reflects a lot. One of these will indicate the condition of the device whether it is marketed as a retail, replacement, refurbished or personalized product.

We can especially see this in the first letter of the model number. There are four letters that Apple will use to mark its iPhone devices, including M, F, N, and P.

If the model number begins with the letter M, the device is a retail product that has never been rejuvenated by Apple. So if it is marketed by an official distributor with the condition still in the packaging, you can be sure the iPhone is really new.

For devices with model numbers starting with the letter F, usually including refurbished products. Usually has a cheaper price but in packaging and conditions almost like new including the warranty issue in it.

Temporary the letter N indicates that the product is a replacement unit for a damaged or defective iPhone within the warranty period. The letter P to indicate specially made devices which usually have certain carvings.

Through Warranty

  • Reopen menu About on page Settings
  • Touch options Limited Warranty
  • Check whether the warranty that appears matches the date of purchase or not

Products distributed by authorized distributors, whether new or refurbished, usually carry an official warranty at Apple’s discretion. This is what will differentiate it from a reconditioned iPhone.

Because the rejuvenation process is carried out by a third party, the warranty policy of a reconditioned iPhone will not match what Apple has implemented. Usually it will be disguised by other terms such as distributor or store warranty.

If the warranty period offered for the device is different from what appears on the cellphone settings page or the iPhone coverage checking website, then we have to be very careful.

Physical Check and Completeness

Doing physical checks is also very important when we buy an iPhone. A brand new, officially refurbished device from Apple will generally have no visible marks of use or defects. While reconditioned units sometimes have it.

In addition to the physical cellphone, we can also check the packaging box. We could need to make sure the serial number is the same as the device. Some refurbished or reconditioned iPhones are usually also distributed in plain white boxes or labeled with special words such as “Certified Pre-Owned”.

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