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How to Check IndiHome WiFi Internet Speed ​​To Diagnose Trouble

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Gadgetren – In order to surf, stream videos, play online games, or access video conferences smoothly, of course, we need internet service with sufficient speed.

IndiHome as an internet service provider with a fiber optic cable network can also be the right alternative for this. Because IndiHome has a variety of products that you can choose according to your needs.

The speed of the internet network that can be selected is also very diverse. We can adapt it to our daily activities because each of them has different data transmission needs.

It’s just that unfortunately IndiHome does have a fair usage limit system or commonly known as FUP (Fair Usage Policy). So the internet speed it offers can slow down at any time when it is fulfilled.

Not to mention, it is often heard that this home internet service provider often experiences problems. The quality of the network can also decrease because of it and make our activities messy.

How to check internet speed on IndiHome’s WiFi network, that’s why we need to learn. That way, we can at least confirm whether there really is a decline or not before reporting it.

Fortunately, checking the speed of the IndiHome WiFi network is not a complicated matter. There are several services that can be used to do this either through a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

How to Check IndiHome WiFi Speed

Using Browser

  • Open browser
  • Visit service
  • Tap the button Go
  • Wait for the service to take the speed measurement is an internet network performance testing service developed by Oolkla. Besides being easy to use, the information it has is also very complete which includes download speed, upload, ping, server, and operator name.

Interestingly enough, the website of this internet speed test service can be accessed via a computer or mobile browser. Those of us who want to be more practical can also open it through their application.

Using the App

  • Install the Speedtest by Ookla application according to the operating system you are using
  • Open the app
  • Perform initial settings such as setting permission to use location to phone
  • Once in the main view, make sure to go to the Speed ​​tab
  • Press the button Go
  • Wait for the service to finish testing the network

The Speedtest by Ookla application is available for various operating systems via the page These include iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows.

Keep in mind that Speedtest by Ookla is certainly not the only service that we can use to check the speed of the IndiHome WiFi network. There are many other web or applications that offer similar support such as Google Fiber Speedtest, Fast.comand Wi-Fi Toolkit.

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